Residence Permit

Buy Property in Greece and live in Europe / Residence Permit for Greece / with the acquisition of property (above 250.000 Euros)

GREECE, The New “Hot Spot” of European and Southeast Mediterranean Real Estate Market, can grant residence permits, for Non-EU citizens and their families with the acquisition of property above 250.000 Euros.

The residence permits are renewed every five years, as long as the Non-EU citizen keeps the ownership of the property.

It is not a work permit.

Once the non-EU citizen acquires a residence permit in Greece, then he is allowed to live in Greece, exit and re-enter Greece any time without a visa and travel to all Schengen countries without further documentation other than his passport.

The following 26 countries are currently active Schengen Visa members – Passport free Schengen area

Austria / Hungary / Norway / Belgium / Iceland / Poland / Czech Republic / Italy / Portugal / Denmark / Latvia / Slovakia / Estonia / Liechtenstein / Slovenia / Finland / Lithuania / Spain / France / Luxembourg / Sweden / Germany / Malta / Switzerland / Greece / Netherlands

Why Greece?


has a strategic position in the Mediterranean, which makes it the gateway to European Union and SE Europe

is one of the safest countries in the Mediterranean region with a hospitable population

has a Mediterranean mild climate that is ideal for year-round tourism (average of 300 sunshine per year)

has spectacular landscapes with amazing beaches and iconic mountains

has unique cultural heritage and archaeological treasures

is a favourite destination for international tourists

Furthermore, the standards of private health care and private education in Greece are at a very high level compared to other European Union countries.Our company provides all the necessary services for the above Visa and Residence Permit procedures for our Investors and our End Users.

We assist our clients with all the necessary legal framework and with our associated partners in connection with an investment or a purchase of property in Greece.

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