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RepowerGreece Initiative Enters Third Year

RepowerGreece, the international public diplomacy initiative that redefines Greece, has entered its third year and will continue to showcase the country’s best to effectively confront the world’s negative perceptions of Greece and her people.

With more than 100 stories from the business world and society; through discussions and activities in collaboration with educational institutions; fora and think tanks in countries of strategic interest; RepowerGreece shows that Greece is not “the failures or the interests of a few,” but “the skills, creativity and achievements of many.”

Through open discussions with students, RepowerGreece attempts to shield the new generation of prevailing negativity and pessimism. The initiative highlights prospects that exist in Greece through collaboration, innovation and critical thinking and commitment to excellence.

RepowerGreece is Greece going ahead.

The initiative has the support of leading international and national organizations and has held over 50 events and programs in Greece and abroad, counting the participation of more than 4,500 school students, university students, executives, academic representatives and journalists.

“With new programs in collaboration with foreign and Greek academic institutions, we continue our effort to strengthen new concepts about our country to our friends and critics abroad and to ourselves,” RepowerGreece said in announcement.

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