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Luxury villas in front of the beach in Halkidiki / HKH-152V

4 beds | 4 baths | half-baths | 218 sq m
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About this Property:

Luxury villas for sale Halkidiki, consisting of 10 independent brand new villas, this complex is built with excellent materials combining quality and all modern conveniences-with unobstructed sea views, as being just 20m from its crystal blue waters.

Built in a way of two sets of 5 villas each: Side A and Side B, all villas are in front of the sea. Each villa ranges from 218 m2 to 236 m2, is built with excellent materials and with ample spaces, developing in 3 levels of 4 bedrooms (2 with double beds and 2 with two single beds), 2 kitchens and 4 bathrooms (one private built -in for one of the master bedrooms). Each villa includes parking space for 2 cars with parking door electronically controlled and sun roofed.

Exploring the villas floor by floor

We are now on the ground level as the plot has a slope towards the sea. With an internal stair we can access the first floor which has 2 bedrooms with wardrobes, balconies and fantastic sea vistas. On this floor there is a bathroom with a hydro-massage. In addition, there is a large balcony on the front and another balcony to the side of the right bedroom as we are looking the sea.

On the ground floor there is a kitchen with a small storage room, a fireplace, a living room with a large balcony with excellent sea view and another bathroom.

On the lower floor (semi basement from the back but direct access to the garden therefore ground level from the front, because of the slope of the plot) there is another kitchen, a living room, a bathroom with shower and 2 bedrooms. One of these bedrooms has another extra private bathroom with shower. So in case friends or relatives wish to pay a visit, they can be hosted very comfortably in this room as it is like an independent apartment alone.

Each floor faces the sea and has wall to wall glass window-doors. The shades for sun protection are electronically controlled. The doors open onto the garden area from the lower level or to big balconies from the higher floors.

Each garden is independent from the others and occupies from 543m2 to 1087m2. It is planted with lawn grass with automated watering, and it is separated by planted “Angelique” bushes from the other gardens. Somebody who lives in the house just crosses the garden (20-30 meters away) and meets the sand and the blue sea!

There is an alarm system for each villa, satellite antenna, electronically controlled parking door. All shades are also electronically controlled.

The villas harmonize with the landscape and each one of them is enjoying a wonderful view of the boundless blue Aegean Sea. Here the mild climate, the peaceful atmosphere and the unique combination of natural beauty: the mountains, the sea and the coast with its endless golden beaches, create an ideal destination for a permanent stay or relax.


Built in the Kassandra Peninsula (first leg) of Halkidiki. The distance from Thessaloniki centre is approximately 90 km and about 78 km from the airport. This means approximately 50 min – 1 hour drive by car.

The whole area has a crystal blue sea and white sand both on the coast and in the sea bottom. The sea deepens smoothly therefore it is very good for children. Also the water is very warm like in the entire region of Halkidiki, because it is a gulf. Opposite to the villas one can see the second leg (Sithonia Penninsula) and the small island called ¡The Turtle” (because of its shape).

Kassandra is the first peninsula of Halkidiki (or leg as called by the Greeks); the most western peninsula of Halkidiki’s trident, and it is one of the most famous places in Chalkidiki with a particular development towards tourism, displaying a lot concerning the cultural and tourist field.

It is a heavenly and peaceful place, with immense sandy beaches and pine-clad locations that reach the aquamarine sea. The beautiful locations seem as if no one has ever stepped on their pure ground, with the dense vegetation and the clear waters heading for a glorious unification.

The development of tourism has forwarded the creation of very well organized facilities, luxury hotels and plenty of entertainment centres that provide a wonderful environment for vacationing to weekend travellers from Greece but also tourists from all over the world that gather to witness true Greek natural beauty.