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A 3200 hectares paradise on earth for sale in Sithonia, Halkidiki / HSK-156L

beds | baths | half-baths | 0 sq m
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Property Details:

About this Property:

Chalkidiki, which is characterised by many as the hidden paradise of Greece, is an area with excellent climate conditions as there are more than 300 days of sunshine annually. At the same time, its extensive coastline and sandy beaches of unique beauty render the area as the ultimate tourist destination.

The property is located on the east coast of the central peninsula (called Sithonia) of Chalkidiki within a magnificent and verdant landscape. There are numerous remarkable archaeological sites near the estate, such as Stagira, Aristotle’s homeland, Toroni, Olynthos and the Holy Mountain (Mount Athos) with the community of 20 Monasteries

This property is a seafront land plot with old buildings, ‘private’ beaches and coves, forest land and 7.5 km of seafront line. The massive land plot of 3,200 hectares in total is divided in 3,136 hectares of forest land, an olive grove of 35 hectares and two agricultural lands of 2,000 and 5,000 sqm. Also part of the property is an agricultural land of 2 hectares which was the historical Metochi of the Monastery of Xyropotamos of the Holy Mountain and includes buildings of 1,400 sqm and a small church of major archaeological value.

The property is bordered by crystal clear sea waters, ideal for swimming, snorkeling, sea therapy and other water sports and the shore has inlets with deep waters, ideal for marinas. The grounds of the property are gently sloping and the seaside areas have generally flat terrain. On the property we find a variety of wild fauna: boar, deer, hare, partridge etc – provided for controlled hunting area, as well as beautiful Aleppo black pine forests, plane trees, yews and broadleaf evergreen. Aleppo pine trees go all along the coasts.

The plot of agricultural and forested land excellently combining sea and mountain along with the unique natural beauty allows for touristic investments of high standards thus contributing to the local development with the support of the locals. The surface and ground water have constant flow with high quality freshwater, able to cover the needs of great tourist development.

According to planning laws up to 10% of the total forest and forest area can be exploited for touristic investments. The rate may reach 20% with the establishment of sport facilities. The olive grove, the farmlands and the Metochi can be fully exploited. The plot of agricultural and forested land is near and opposite the Holy Mountain, hence it could allow for religious tourism.

Key features:

  • 3,200 hectares beacfront land plot
  • 1,400 sqm of buildings
  • Private beaches, 7.5 km seafront
  • Forests, Olive groves, farm lands
  • Close to the monasteries of Mount Athos