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Zeus Eco Resort
Zeus Eco Resort
- The most ambitious Tourism, Leisure And Entertainment Project Ever in Europe

By developing different kinds of Businesses, Attractions and Events we will create a 365 days World
Resort. Combining the Virgin Nature, Health, Sports, Education, Entertainment, Technology, Astronomy, Palaeontology, Thematic Parks, Events, Local Cuisine and Traditions we aim to provide a mental and a physical experience like never ever before.

Zeus Eco Resort 1
Water from the Springs, Oxygen from the Forests and plenty of Sun are the Energy elements to combine creative interests in a unique landscape.
Zeus Eco Resort 2

We aim to create a unique Eco Resort, to preserve the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Area and put in the worlds touristic map, a destination that combines different themes of interests for all ages and all seasons.

Resort Elements

• Hotel Wellness, Aesthetic and Health
• Nine Eco Spa Villas
• 100 Glamping micro villas
• Technology Hub and Co-working Space
• Science student campus
• Palaeontology Hub Museum and Excavation Area
• Sculpture Art Park
• Bonsai and Yama Dori Park
• Kids playground farm and adventure park
• Climbing, Adventure and Extreme Sports Hub
• Hunting Hub and men’s club
• Local Products Production
• Music studio, Festival and Events Organizing
• Wood Processing and materials

Activities of the Resort

• Art Park walking
• Vasilitsa Ski
• Mountain bike & e-transport
• Canyoning
• River rafting
• Rock climbing
• Hunting
• Mushroom and Botanic Collecting
• Drone Racing
• Co-working, 3D printing, Prototyping, Robotics
• Local Traditional Events
• Palaeontology & Archaeology Activities
• Kinder land
• Astronomy Events
• School and Student Campus
• Festivals, Weddings, Corporate conferences events
• Studio Content Producing (Sound and Visuals)
• Aesthetic, Wellness and Medical Treatments
• Taverns Cafe & Bars