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Saudi Arabia Dates
Kholas dates are moist and sticky
- Very fleshy, they melt warmly in your mouth
Premium Quality Kholas Dates in Vacuum

Saudi Dates: Kholas Dates

Kholas dates are one of the most popular dates in Saudi Arabia. The word Kholas (or Ikhlas, Khlas and Khalas) means quintessence or ideal. Kholas dates are characterized by having an oblong shape, they are average sized and have a reddish dark brown colour. Kholas dates are moist and sticky, have a hearty flavour and a butter-caramel taste. Very fleshy, they melt warmly in your mouth.


We are exclusive distributors of this amazing, Saudi only export super fruit variety, to many countries, including Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.

Our Vacuum packed dates are supplied with or without the addition of water, depending on the variety of date, in kg and 500 g vacuum packaging. The vacuuming process results in tightly packed juicy and sticky dates.

– Soon to be positioned in various retail chains