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A Pininfarina Joint Initiative


   On the highlands of Northern Greece in Western Macedonia, at Pyleon area, at the Gates of the National Park of Pindos, mount Orliakas (Mt Sun), there is a tiny ancient village Spilaio (Cave) where we own Land, surrounding The Portitsa Canyon, of more than 1.000.000 square meters with incredible views and landscapes. We aim to create a unique Eco Resort, to preserve the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Area and put in the worlds touristic map, a destination that combines different themes of interests for all ages and all seasons.


Water from the Springs, Oxygen from the Forests and plenty of Sun are the Energy elements to combine creative interests in a unique landscape.

A “Secret” Wilderness In Greece Is Like Heaven On Earth. An unspoiled wilderness area preserved in Greece for thousands of years.

Main Idea

   By developing different kinds of Businesses, Attractions and Events the synergy will create a World 365 days Resort. Combining the Virgin Nature, Health, Sports, Education, Entertainment, Technology, Astronomy, Palaeontology, Thematic Parks, Events, Local Cuisine and Traditions we aim to provide a mental and a physical experience like never ever before.

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Pininfarina Concept Visualization

The geomorphology 

    Mount Orliakas is a big limestone rock, eight kilometres long, on an altitude from 650 meters at the rivers in the bottom to 1500 meters on the mountains peak. In the bottom of the mountain, from both sides, are running two spring water rivers, that unite and create the Veneticos river. Spilaion village is at 1000 meters. This wide range of altitude, in a compact place creates a unique flora and fauna combination. The forest has many kinds of leaf trees at the bottom, mixed with pines, in the middle and pine forests up to the top. Orliakas boasts a great variety of mushrooms (about a 1000 species), herbs and botanics.

   The rock serves as a water tank and lots of springs are giving fresh water all year round. The big amount of caves, Orliakas age of 300.000.000 years, the palaeontology of sea and land creatures, give to the Resort an interesting potential for visitors.  

Their geologic secrets including a history going back a billion years to a time before dinosaurs, before there was Europe…

The village

  The settlement of Spilaio according to the researches of archaeologists is one of the oldest habitable villages. From the Iron Age in 1200 BC it was in the same place which occupies today. Nearby have been discovered the walls of the ancient Acropolis with length of 1 km and cemeteries of historic and prehistoric times and have never been systematically excavated in the past.

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  Agriculture, forestry, herbs, mushrooms, beans, meat, milk products, honey and sweets are the main local products.

  The architecture of the village is mixed, old stone and contemporary structures. There are three stone made churches, the old school and many traditional houses. In the rivers the community has build three stone bridges of beautiful traditional technique.

The estate

   In a 2 km radius from the village centre we own the estate of lands.

    The prolonged rock mountain Orliakas has been cracked to the West (approximately at 20.000 BC) and the gap forms the Canyon (ΠΥΛΑΙΩΝ). The Gates (Pyleon) from East and the Bridge Portitsa, Gates to the West.

  Facing to mount Olympus to the East and Valia Calda National Park to the West. Each slope is divided in two areas . One from the river bank until the main road in the middle altitude and one from the road and higher, toward the mountain top. This phenomenon creates four districts two on the river side and two on the mountain side. Different directions and altitude (650-1200 m) creates a 360 view. The estate is divided in thirteen plots. One in the centre of the village and twelve surrounding the village from both sides of the rock. In each area we own a group of three or four plots total of 200000 square meters surrounded by public forests and cliffs that can be used for the Resorting activities.

   In the same place you can go hunting on the mountain or fishing in the river, climbing or rafting. U can be alone inside the Canyon or go collect mushrooms and tea, riding a donkey or go again for ski in Vasilitsa.

Resort Elements

●Hotel Wellness, Aesthetic and Health 

●Nine Eco Spa Villas

●100 Glamping micro villas

●Technology Hub and Co-working Space

●Science student campus

●Palaeontology Hub Museum and Excavation Area

●Sculpture Art Park Bonsai and Yamadori Park

●Kids playground farm and adventure park

●Climbing, Adventure and Extreme Sports Hub

●Hunting Hub and mens club

●Local Products Production 

●Music studio, Festival and Events Organizing

●Wood Processing

   A Five Star Boutique Hotel 

  Luxury accommodation in an ecological approach will give the opportunity to the visitor to feel the virgin nature of the area and be hosted in a premium and comfortable facility

The hotel will host the main reception of all Resort and will support all the needs for the rest elements as well.

60 suites of different sizes will be the main hotel accommodations for Tourism, Medical and Business travellers.

Travellers from abroad and domestic ones, with different interests and needs will discover a place to come back.

Conferences and business meetings will fill the low season periods.

Medical Tourism 

    Specialised Doctors and Personnel will provide High Quality Aesthetic, Wellness and Prophylactic Services, Detox and Rehab, to the visitors of the Resort. We aim to create a unique in the world business model and attract extra potential for high class medical tourism. 

Vertebral decompression 

  A new kind of treatment for the vertebral prophylactic and recovery, of life and professional problems that in general, everybody needs. Based on vertebral decompression in hot water tubs for achieving a prolonged and pleasant treatment combined with aromatherapy, pleasant music and nice view, for all senses to take part on the healthcare process. A totally different approach for healing of the spine that affects all internal organs, since the block of the nerves and blood vessels is the main disorder of the pathological malfunctions that leads to chronic pain and permanent problems. Massages of different traditions and techniques , spa procedures and beauty services will help everybody feel beautiful and rested.

Gerontology and rejuvenation treatments for a better and longer quality of life, will be combined with the general wellness business.

Since my brother is a well known plastic surgeon we will establish an affiliate with his clinic in Athens, for aesthetic surgical and non invasive procedures to achieve the best possible treatment in a relaxed and healthy environment of clean air, fresh water and good mood for faster recovery.

Eco villas

   Nine eco villas, are currently under construction, of two floors each, made by local eco materials. White stone, local pine and oak wood plus wide openings glazing create living spaces from 150 up to 300 square meters each. The two floors villas can be rented per floor suite or as one facility. In the 18 suites the maximum accommodation is 72 visitors. The size of the plot for the villas is 25.000 square meters.

   The luxury villas will be supplied with spring water of the mountain for drinking as well for the private spa in a medical approach. Every villa will be supplied with green energy and will combine all green building technologies to achieve minimum running costs and maximum natural feeling accommodation. Sauna, open air hot tubs, swimming pool, fireplaces indoor and outdoor will be standard for every villa.

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There are several old stone houses in our plots to be restored and remade in touristic facilities. These houses are all over the Resort area and when restored will give the old style touch.

Glamorous Camping (Glamping)

   Glamping is the new luxury, outdoors living, travel trend. Stone based wooden structure luxury tents, glass cubes, tree houses and container houses to accommodate up to four visitors per unit.

  We plan to create 100 different styled living spaces, a number that can be up scaled, to accommodate more clients, as demand will grow. The naturally heated glamps will be made to function 365 days per year and will be equipped with hot tub indoor and/or outdoor, fireplaces and spring water supply. This unique possibility to live into the nature while having luxurious amendments is the most exotic and expensive experience in the hotel industry so far.

  The design of these facilities will be made on local materials and traditions in a combination with contemporary art and technological solutions for security, independence and premium services.

  Since Clamping is a luxurious camping these facilities doesn’t have restrictions from the law, the cost to construct is way lower then a hotel room while the income can be even higher. In the National Park in organised campuses can be allowed the use of fire for heating and cooking, something that gives the possibility to exploit all year.

Technology Hub co working 

  A place that every age will love it. The playroom phenomenon, in a separated concept for visitors’ technology amusement or working needs. A co-working technology hub for up to 100 visitors or residents to give the ability of entertaining, work, draw, print, 3D print, 3D mill and have access to all innovative technologies to create prototypes, parts, robotics, drones, software coding, gaming, virtual reality and whatever new, the future will bring. Since there is high-speed fibre optic Internet to the village, there are possibilities to create a wireless and wired network, for digital technology implementations in all aspects of usability needed. By creating an indoor and outdoor intelligent and interactive space we will provide to the visitors, new digital experiences for fun, education pleasure and work.

Different groups of people can work on different kinds of projects for natural observation of the wild life, natural sciences while inventive ideas can come to life for the benefit of the local community and the visitors. By giving the platform to realise any technological idea on vacation or as a resident, we will establish relations with digital scientists collaborating by physical presence or remotely. Droning is the next big industry for entertainment and science purposes. The Tech-hub will give the option of drone production, service, a ready to buy or assemble a custom made one. The territory is suitable for organising a community of drone lovers and can host an every year drone-raising event for the international championship. Since drones are restricted of free flying we will create a space especially for professionals and enthusiast. Content development of music, videos, photography, social media shearing or internet streaming of the events, will work as a free marketing tool for the Resorts global advertisement.

Science Student Campus

   A campus for students of digital science, eco architecture, sculpture and fine arts as a part of the Art Park element, that will unite the whole area in one thematic park.

Students will help architects and sculptures while they practice, will create stone pathways from art to art (made of white local stone), help in different events like The Festival, when and where volunteers needed.

   The tents will be similar to the glamping technology but larger in size to accommodate more students and visitors. The art, speleology, palaeontology and ecological green building technology will be the main teaching aspects. The volunteer work will serve as practice-internship during their vacations something we have discussed with some universities. 

Some times the campus will host sponsored visitors to give the opportunity to other, low income or no income, social groups to enjoy the Park and the activities for educational purposes.

Sculpture Art Park

    With the cooperation of our friend Michael Reva (architect and sculpture) we will create a sculpting studio for professionals and amateurs to create art objects for the park. Since our territory is several square kilometres and from one plot to another there is walking distance we will unite all projects in a thematic art exhibition by adding unique masterpieces of well-known creators from Greece and Internationals. Curator of the project will be Mr Reva who recently created the Greek Park in Odessa and he and his team will collaborate with the Resort on architecture as well to give the artistic touch on the facilities to be constructed.

   The landscape is suitable for a long-term basis investment in sculpture art, combining the natural beauty and the artificial.

The serpentine roads that lead to the canyon are full of U turns that create suitable display places for Sculptural Art objects. The paths throughout the forests and green fields that are connecting the property plots have the potential of creating art displays in the gardens.

   A business model that combines an art investment opportunity, ticketing, souvenirs’ sale of small scaled sculpture replicas, t-shirts, clothing, cups, calendars etc. can be implemented in a short time schedule.

  We aim to create a yearly sculpture festival to invite famous artists of the planet, to create art objects for our Art Park. There are several ways for collaboration with artists to achieve a premium collection by buying and installing sculptures, inviting artists in the Resort to relax and work in our studio or announce a competition with prizes in a festive event.

   The ticket sales, the souvenir products and different cultural events are the main income of the park that will be visited by schools, students, artists, tourists and local population.

   The art investment will be the extra income part of the business as time and fame are maturing the value of the artists’ creations.

Bonsai and Yamadori Park

  The lands and the rocky cliffs are a natural bonsai and yamadori park. Old untouched kinds of nano Oaks, Pines, Nut-trees etc are all over, surrounding everything. One of our plots in the Art Park will be dedicated as a place to gather and create a festive destination for bonsai lovers and yamadori seekers. By inviting international clubs and organising Bonsai festivals we will create a park that the visitors of the Resort will be able to learn and enjoy this technique and buy a ready bonsai or a yamadori to create one.

Palaeontology Hub Museum and Excavation Areas

   Some plots have palaeontology artefacts of up to 300.000.000 years back in time. We are going to collaborate with universities of palaeontology and also enthusiast groups, both Greek and foreign, to organise excavation expeditions while the visitors of the resort can find a place to enjoy Palaeontology and dig for amusement.

   The idea is to create a museum of the artefacts that the visitors can use also as a laboratory for cleaning and displaying their findings, with date, place and name of who found the artefact so the interaction with this hobby or science will create an intimal engagement. All visitors will be able to take part in this amusement science and kids will be happy to find a place for Dino searching away from tablets and technology dependence.

In our land, the paleo artefacts are spread almost everywhere and is very easy to find if you know the proper places.

Geology findings as crystals, geodes and rare stones from the Canyon concentration will be also displayed in the museum.

Music studio 

    One music studio for our friends musicians, songwriters, performers and various sound artists. Created for professionals and amateurs that will work or have fun recording their new songs, albums and writing music. As a separate business model the studio will attract artists from Greece and abroad to escape in a distant location, get inspired from the Natural beauty, relax in the Resort and give the best possible vibes.

   The synergy of the studio with the Resort elements will create an extra potential by bringing stars and their managing staff to accommodate, use the rest services and contribute in the general artistic image of the Resort. The sound content creation possibilities will help for the festival organisation and the various events the Resort will host. As a hub for musicians we aim to put a new destination for the industry and for the visitors who are interested in music.

   Our scope is to establish long term relationships with labels and stars for mutual benefits and we already have arranged to collaborate with American, UK, Greek, Russian and Ukraine stars some of them top in the charts.

Hunting club

  Our mount Orliakas is the gate of The National Park of Pindos which is the largest in Greece and one of the biggest in Europe. The wild animals that can be hunted by law are hogs, rabbits and different species of birds.The season is from September till February. Our lands are covered by oak trees that hogs are coming to find food and are popular hunting destinations. This is why we plan to create in a plot in the forest, away from the rest resort facilities, a hunting club for members and visitors. Up to 20 hunters can be accommodated in a big log and stone house. 

   The hunting club will have an Olympic dimensions shooting facility as a training camp for hunters or entertainment for visitors of the resort. Different kind of guns, arches and crossbows will give to the visitor the opportunity to shot and train his hunting skills off season as well. As a gentleman club the facility will have a bar, billiards, darts and other games to create income in the non-hunting days and off-season.

Special doghouses will be implemented for keeping the dogs in a secure and friendly environment.

   We aim to create a big hog breeding territory for of season controlled hunting needs and for meat production. A meat processing and maturing facility to produce various hunting delicatessen branded products will be created for the resorts food needs and the food souvenirs approach.

 Adventure and Extreme Sports Hub

   On the top of the canyon over the river we have a plot that is suitable for a Red bull or similar extreme sports experience hub. Cable flying, rock climbing, mountain biking, trekking, rafting, canyoning and many more activities will attract visitors of all ages from all over the world while the Go pro content creation of the sports will give free advertising of the Resort.

Kids farm playground 

The village has goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, horses, donkeys and more. Any home animal, especially in the early stages of their life, will be super clean in a friendly made farm as a playground garden, for Kids, Mamas and Papas to interact and share some time learning how to ride or even milk. 

Rope pyramid structures, batuts, electric vehicles and different attractions for kids will be developed for our younger visitors as well.

Taverns, Cafe’s, Bar Club

   In the centre of our village there are two small taverns with local food menu but there are no Cafe Bars or Clubs.

   A Cafe Bar Club will be developed in order to serve the needs of the Resort visitors and the local population. Since there is almost no nightlife in the whole area and the Vasilitsa ski resort visitors don’t have an option for going out, we will fill this gap as well.

   An International food restaurant with a wider menu of European and Asian cuisines will be the main food facility of our Resort except the local traditional cuisine.

Local products production

  Our region is a bio food paradise and the mushroom capital of Greece. It is well known harvesting area of mushrooms, truffles, beans, herbs, mountain tea Siderites and many more. The meat production is based on goat, sheep and wild hunted hogs. Local milk and cheese products are unique in their taste and nutrition.

   We aim to establish a New Brand for local bio-products that will create an added value. Since food became a new kind of souvenirs and presents to bring home, the branded products will create extra income. In a plot we will create gardens and greenhouse for food plantations. Since the village inhabitants have their green products as well, we will collaborate to multiply their capacity and create a synergy for both the Resorts and their income increase. In some plots of the lands we own mountain water springs, which can supply the Resort with clean fresh water and also provide the opportunity of water bottling, mountain tea and beverages producing for the Resort and the Festival needs.

Wine and grappa

The wine production of the region dates to ancient time by local and imported varieties of red and white grapes. A distillery for grappa and a wine cava are a part of the projects

Wood Processing factory

  Forests of Oak, Pine, Beech surround our lands and forestry is one of the main local production. Since the main materials for the construction and furnishings of the Resort are wood, stone and glazing we will create a factory to process local wood and produce construction materials, floors, furniture, pergolas, fences, benches etc. that will be used for the building needs. Further trading of these wood products will contribute to the income of the Resort as a separate business model. We already have drawings of furniture and construction skeletons for the Glamping and the rest project.

The Festival 

  Since we have all facilities to host a lot of people and we produce our own water, food and beverages the Music can be louder to host a big party for up to 50.000 by inviting famous Stars.

Under The Bridge 

The Festive Place of the long and wide territory in front of the Canyon gate is suitable to host a large scale, world festival for music lovers travellers.

   An event of different kinds of music, light shows, attractions, water sports etc. The Festival can have different sub-fests of three to five days each and stages for parallel concerts. Pop, Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Alternative, Elliniko to prolong the life and achieve a combination of different public listeners.

   The Nestorio River festival, the main one in the Northern Greece, last year was visited by 50.000 people while the lineup of the artists was created mostly by Greeks and djs. We will invite world famous and Greek stars to compete and attract more people, musically and from the better landscape possibilities of our Canyon area.

The Landscaping of the Festival space

    The river Veneticos that flows and penetrates the Canyon, at summer time is approximately ten meters wide and half a meter deep so it is very safe and hospitable for the visitors while the snake route can create water fun amusements. The amount of the waters get higher only during the period that the snow of the surrounding mountaintops melts and the whole Canyon is filled with water, on April.

The scene of the music event is the gate of the Canyon itself and the bridge with lighting effects in the gorge.

Decks, fences, benches, tents etc will be created from our wood processing plant of the Resort to make the cost affordable, the result ecological and the design massive attractive.

The facilities of the Resort will host the Vip visitors and the organisers while The People will live in different tent villages by the riverbanks.

In front of the canyon there is an island of 10000 square meters that can be the main territory for the prime stage. Sand beaches and cliffs of forests create an ideal micro climate during the summer and an ideal place to host the camping tent villages.

Festival technology 

  The technology behind the organisation is based on Wi-Fi and digital solutions specialised for achieving money secure transactions, anti theft control and best digital experience, while the uploads from the clients on their social media accounts will create the free advertisement basis for more visitors to come.

 The digital money solution with bracelets for a total control of the cash flow to prevent loses, the digital conditions are achieved by a system of solutions that our friends in Ukraine have already created and are being used in the market.

  Since there is fibre optic cable in the village we will provide the Wi-Fi connectivity solution for the best digital experience of the customers and the databases collection that will be used for the future invitations and promo companies.

  These festivals and events will result to an extra source of income and in the same time a worldwide advertisement of the Resort and the parallel businesses that can also benefit through direct sales of their products and services. Last but not least the plastic free approach of the Festival is a must for recycled materials only to be used.

Activities of the Resort

●Art Park walking

●Vasilitsa Ski 

●Mountain bike & e-transport 


●River rafting

●Rock climbing


●Mushroom and Botanic Collecting

●Drone Racing 

●Co-working, 3D printing, Prototyping, Robotics

●Local Traditional Events

●Palaeontology & Archaeology Activities

●Kinder land

●Astronomy Events

●School and Student Campus

●Festivals, Weddings, Corporate conferences events

●Studio Content Producing (Sound and Visuals)

●Aesthetic, Wellness and Medical Treatments

●Taverns Cafe & Bars


  The Resort is to be constructed by natural materials that are the most expensive and luxurious. Solid wood, white stone, river rocks of different dimensions and colours are naturally the best choice for ecological, mountain style architecture. 

   The village has a white stone carry that was created from the controlled explosion of the rock mountain in the 1960’s to construct the road that leads to the East entrance of the village. We use this stone for our local constructions needs for free. It cannot be transported to other places or be sold in the market.

  The rivers beds from both sides are filled by white and black ball rocks in all sizes for landscaping, eco heating-cooling purposes and various colours for decor.

  Solid wood is the material for flooring, building structures, window frames, pergolas, fences, benches, bridges, tables, beds and design elements we will produce of high quality wood materials from the forest we own. The forestry cooperation of the village can bring to us the amount of raw wood needed in a cost fraction of the market price. Columns of straight Pine wood, old Oaks, old Nut trees, Beech trees are some of the varieties.

Hidden within its mountains and hills are stone bridges hundreds of years old, Byzantine monasteries, waterfalls in pristine mountain rivers, lakes where the mythical Dragons of the Pindos still live today…

Eco Park
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