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Greece Comes In Second On Ski Destinations Ranking List

Greece ranks second among the top 10 ski destinations in the world, according to a list compiled by holiday booking website Trivago.

The first favourite ski destination worldwide based on user reviews is Switzerland with a popularity rate of 85.49 per cent.

Trivago Ski Destinations Ranking

1. Switzerland (85,49%) 2. Greece (85.24%) 3. Austria (85.19%) 4. Germany (83.87%) 5. Italy (83.05%) 6. Finland (82.34%) 7. Romania (81.77%) 8. Poland (81.69%) 9. Sweden (79.32 %) 10. Spain (79,15 %)

According to Trivago, the research was based on an algorithm that combines the number of hotels by country and destination and reviews of users, whether they are positive or negative, for the winter destinations offered.

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