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Emma Shapplin: Greece Is Such A Beautiful Country

Emma Shapplin, known for singing a mix of classical (opera) pieces and pop arrangements, is certainly no stranger to Greece. After two sold-out concerts at the Athens Megaro in 2009 and astounding performances at Lycavitos Hill in Athens and Theatro Gis in Thessaloníki in 2010, Emma Shapplin is expected once again in Greece.

In a recent interview she gave to Greek entertainment blog Pressmixer, Emma Shapplin spoke of the little things that have caught her attention during her visits:“The Greece I know is a melt of nonchalance and nerves, a melt of pride and softness, a melt of modernity and history, silver reflections on the seas, the landscapes covered by olive trees, the taste of feta cheese while sitting on the shade in a small restaurant somewhere in the “dedal” of tortuous little streets of Athens, the unique elegance and musicality of the language – so difficult to pronounce, by the way…  such a beautiful country!”
In a past press conference the French artist said spoke of her admiration for Greek opera legend Maria Callas.


“Maria Callas enchants me. She had a voice that as an instrument was the best I have heard. And on stage she was a diva,” Emma Shapplin said.

What she admired the most about Maria Callas – besides her voice – was her modesty.”I believe that such people, virtuous people, are rare. These are people who completely forget themselves, their ego, and simply are what they are,” she added.

Emma Shapplin is currently touring to promote her latest album “Dust of a Dandy” and the date for her appearance in Athens is expected soon.

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