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Dates: the superfood that you should immediately include in your diet

The next time you want to eat dessert, choose dates instead of chocolate. Not only will they meet your need for sugar, but they are also a superfood that is good to incorporate into your daily routine.

Let’s see what are their multiple benefits in our body. 

They give energy
If you want an energy boost in the middle of the day instead of coffee, choose dates. They are high in vegetable sugars and offer much more to the body than coffee.

It is the ideal herbal remedy for hangover
On nights when you have decided to have more than one drink, take dates with you. They contain large amounts of fructose which cleanses the body of alcohol, stimulates the metabolism and relieves you if you feel that you have been badly affected by even one drink.

Dates: the superfood that you should immediately include in your diet 1

Strengthen Bones
Foods with vitamin D are very important for our bones. However, dates combine trace elements such as magnesium and copper, which strengthen bones. If you want to prevent osteoporosis, you can consume dates daily.

Relieve constipation
Dates contain fiber that facilitates the process of digestion of food, resulting in smoother bowel function. That is why if you have a constipation problem, you can include dates in your diet.

Heart Protectors
Dates are high in potassium, which protects the cardiovascular function.

Reduce inflammation
Dates have anti-inflammatory properties. The magnesium they contain fights inflammation. Turmeric has a similar effect on the body.

They fight anemia
Dates contain iron, so their frequent consumption protects us from anemia. Only 1 date contains 1 mg of iron, so if consumed in large quantities, they can help increase iron levels in our body.

Dates: the superfood that you should immediately include in your diet 2

Ideal snack for those who want to gain weight
While many are struggling to lose weight, there are people who need to gain weight. Consumption of dates facilitates the whole process. While they are rich in nutrients, they are also rich in calories. Only 4 dates have 270 calories.

They are natural substitutes for sugar
Those who can not resist sweets and often have hypoglycaemia, can satisfy their appetite for sweets with dates. It is a healthy substitute that helps you overcome your cravings for chocolate, cookies or other sweets.

Lower Cholesterol
Dates help lower cholesterol as it is a food rich in fibre, while they are a healthy snack that prevents the consumption of processed foods. If you put dates in your diet you will have very positive effects on your health in the long run.

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