The composite corporate identity of OLYMPUS ESTATE allows provision of upgraded real estate services throughout the whole territory of Greece, without intermediaries.

Finding a property anywhere in Greece, organization of documents for investment, its promotion in the international and Russian market through the existing sales network or through participation in international real estate exhibitions.

Legal services. Inspection of property ownership titles, liens (bank, public, private), certificates of legality, drafting opinions, accurate property valuation for the most economical insurance, investigation of any possible natural claims, legal person or the Public sector, property ownership rights, legal audit of research and real estate transactions, for any judicial or extra judicial proceedings.

Technical services. Topographic charts, plot splitting, recommendations for horizontal ownership, measurements, arbitrary regularization, certificates of energy performance for buildings, technical audit of research and real estate transactions, settling of urban planning matters, technical studies, design, construction, reconstruction, building renovation with organization, supervision and coordination of the project.

Financial and accounting services. Economic and taxation analyses of loans and obligations which the property carries, calculation of cost of handling and taxation, advice on optimal taxation from property, economic audit of research and real estate transactions, studies on models/possibilities of development.

Evaluation of property and machinery.

Organization of contracts with the presence of reliable notaries for Athens and Thessaloniki.

Property insurance.

Technical maintenance of property.

Commercial and financial management of hotels and real estate.

Financial information, loan negotiation, arrangements for funding from public and private institutions for development.


T he comparative advantages of Greece which have not been affected by the economic crisis, but also the fast promotion of reforms and reduced prices of production inputs as consequences of the crisis create significant investment opportunities. Olympus Estate operates in this constantly evolving investment framework, creates on a daily basis conditions for development of properties, individually or as sets, as well as a complete investment proposition for the investor.

The immediate goal is successful and efficient collaboration among owners, investors and end-users in the market of property management and development.

The ultimate goal is to upgrade touristic areas through buying or selling real estate with the aim of creating surplus or reinvesting funds with higher yields, through design and construction of building complexes according to international standards and through timely and accurate economic and technical analysis, regarding development capabilities for competitiveness and sustainability.