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The Greek way of life revolves around family, friends and delicious food. Olympus Trade is the one stop wholesale source of exceptional Greek Foods an Drinks.

There is a variety of Greek companies, which are unaffected by the food industrialisation and are still producing the traditional way. Due to its Mediterranean climate, the growing diversity in Greece is large and the resulting variety of products even larger. Especially in the field of delicacies and organic products, the selection is impressive.

Our range of premium products includes Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Pomace Oil, Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil, Vinegar, Premium Greek Olives, Greek Cheeses, Authentic Greek Yogurt, Meze Food & Antipasti, Greek Pasta, Tomato Sauces, Greek Pulses, Ready Meals, Dips, Dried Nuts, Greek Wines, Greek Beer, Ouzo & Tsipouro, Greek Sweets, Truffle, Herbs & Spices, Super foods, Marmalade and Greek Honey.

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