Our Organic Tsipouro

Raw material Pomace from carefully selected, ripe and healthy grapes, organically cultivated.

Distillation process The pomace is distilled in a copper alembic, drop by drop and at a low temperature. This way only the noblest aromatic compounds are obtained. The heads and tails of the distillate are discarded, in order to keep only the heart, which is redistilled following the same slow and gentle process. The aim is to create a tsipouro with a strong character which reflects the earth and the climate of the Valley of the Muses.

Olympus Estate tsipouro from organically grown grapes The result is a distillate with a strong character, clean and intense aromas, warm alcohol, a round mouthful and a balanced taste.

Pure or anise flavored, it is available in 700 ml bottles.

The alcoholic content is 42%.

Served straight or with ice, as an aperitif or paired with all types of Greek and mediterranean meze dishes.

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