Our Mineral Water

Our Mineral Water is unique and original in its chemical composition with main advantages – freshness, crystal purity, pleasant taste. It perfectly quenches thirst, stimulates appetite, is suitable for daily consumption (cooking, drinks, etc.). Due to its special chemical composition, with daily use, our still or carbonated mineral water helps to cure a number of diseases (cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis, pyelonephritis, colitis, chronic hepatitis, dyskinesia of the bile ducts, prostatitis, etc.).

Product Packaging Volume, l Quantity in Cartons
    1                                     Still Mineral water  Glass bottle 0.3 12
    2                            Carbonated Mineral water  Glass bottle 0.3 12
    3                                    Still Mineral water  Glass bottle 0.5 12
    4                           Carbonated Mineral water  Glass bottle 0.5 12

Thanks to its unlimited recyclability, only glass can claim the capacity to go back into the production process over and over again; to be reused endlessly without compromising on quality and flavour-neutrality. Today, we can be proud of making a significant contribution to the environment as a result of our ongoing improvements and innovations.

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