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Welcome to the Olympus Trade extra virgin olive oil FAQ.

Why is olive oil good for me?

Olive oil is a natural product and it is a prime component of the Mediterranean diet. It offers a good metabolism, which is crucial for a healthy leaving. It has been proven to offer protection against heart diseases by controlling “bad” cholesterol (LDL) levels while raising the “good” cholesterol (HDL) levels. It is also suggested that it may prevent from some types of cancer. And among others, olive oil is rich in Vitamin E, known for its anti-aging properties.

Why extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil, is the oil you want to look for.With an acidity of less than 0.8%, it is the purest and least processed of olive oils. The extract of the first pressing of the olive fruit, with no flavours or chemicals added during the process. Olympus Trade extra virgin olive oil comes from the best variety of trees, the Koroneiki, and has a very low acidity, up to 0.3%.

What is acidity?

Acidity is the result of the degree of breakdown of the triacylglycerols into free fatty acids. It is expressed as a percentage (%) per 100 grams.Acidity (together with flavour and aroma) is the key factor in determining olive oil’s quality. The lower this percentage is, the purest the oil it is.

What’ so special in the Koroneiki variety?

Koroneiki variety is considered among specialists, the king of oil producing olive trees. It is a native variety only in Greece, and can be found only in specific areas, that is the Peloponnese and some areas of the island of Crete. Although it has a relatively small yield, Koroneiki is praised for its organoleptic attributes, that is the rich aroma, concentrated taste and low acidity.

What makes Messinia in Peloponnese, Greece a differentiator in olive oil production?

The quality of olives and consequently of olive oil depends on the quality of the soil and the climatic conditions of the region. Olive trees need mild climatic conditions i.e. for the winter not to be frosty and the summer not to be too hot or dry. Rainfall or watering is essential during droughts.Such ideal climatic conditions are usually to be found in the southern regions of Greece i.e. Southern Peloponnese (especially Messinia) and Crete. Olympus Trade olive grove is situated in the heart of Messinia.

Which certification system do we employ?

Our commitment to ensure excellent quality is paramount to us. In order to do this our entire production of extra virgin olive oil, from cultivation up to the shipping process, is certified using the Agro2.1_2.2 integrated crop management system.

Which is the best way to store extra virgin olive oil?

Olympus Trade olive oil is best stored in a cool, dry place with no direct contact with sunlight. Under these conditions you can enjoy the full richness of flavour and aroma of your oil for up to 18 months from the production date.

How much olive oil can I consume?

Nutrition specialists all over the world, advise to include extra virgin olive oil in our eating habits. According to the Mediterranean diet, two (2) tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil per day is the minimum quantity the human organism needs.


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