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Spoon Sweets & Jams

The traditional Greek sweets are classified into several categories. Wide range of sweets with olive oil such us crust sweets stuffed with dried fruits (eg baklava) or crust sweets filled with cream of semolina and flavoured with sugar syrup or honey among the most common traditional Greek sweets.

Another important category of traditional Greek sweets are the unique ‘spoon sweets’. Made by Greek seasonal fresh fruit, fresh or unripe fruits intended for nuts, but still soft in the shell or even some vegetables like eggplant and pumpkin, which are maintained in a simple sugar syrup. Associated with the sweet welcome of the visitor, are the predominantly traditional treat in Greek houses. When they are served, they usually have a spoonful size, hence the name. From the same raw materials, except spoon sweets, jams and compote are produced.

Indicative types of spoon sweets-jams:

• Pear • Apricot • Sour cherry • Grapefruit • Plum • Kalamata Olive • Carrot • Socket • Cherry • Citrus • Pumpkin • Quince • Lemon • Tangerine • Eggplant • Bitter • Tomato • Bergamot • Orange • Firiki • Orange Peel • Strawberry

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