A wide selection of flavours and cuts of pasta

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Gourmet Pasta

The first reference for the existence of pasta dates back to around 1000 B.C. In Ancient Greece, where the word ‘lagana’ was used to describe a wide yeast from flour and water, then cut into strips. It was transported to Italy through the Greek colonies around the 8th century B.C. and was renamed in Latin as ‘laganum’. From this word, today’s ‘lasagna’ is derived. Nowadays, pasta is an excellent choice of low fat food, and one that has the necessary energy for the body at the same time. Pasta is a key component of Greek and Mediterranean food. The choice of flavors and varieties is endless, as every place usually has its own unique recipes of pasta manufacturing and processing.

Indicative types of pasta:

• Aftoudia • Avgochylos • Evristi • Flomaria • Gogkides • Chylofta • Chylopites • Couscous • Magkiri • Niokos • Pitoura • Schioufichta • Siron • twisters (Striftades) • Toutoumakia • Triftoudia or triftilidia • Valanes

Several products of our company are appropriate for Restaurants, Hotels and Caterings. They have already been chosen by some of the most accomplished chefs both in Greece and abroad. Moreover, these products are considered as the finest and high quality raw material for confectionery, pastry and desserts in elegant Boulangeries.

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