Olive oil

Organic Ultra Premium and Extra virgin olive oil

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Ultra Premium and Extra virgin Organic olive oil
The entire production of our ultra premium and extra virgin olive oil is certified.

Our olive oil is a flavourful ultra premium extra virgin olive oil, a 100% natural product rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Olympus Trade Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a limited production Olive Oil with all the ideal characteristics, whose acidity and all other detrimental elements to its quality, reach near zero values due to particular care in the cultivation, selection and pressing of its crop.

Olympus Trade Organic is an exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil certified under the regulations set by the European Union for its quality and origin.

Without any use of chemical substances and fertilisers, it is produced from olive trees that are cultivated exclusively with traditional methods.

Homer called it “Liquid gold” and Hippocrates “The great therapeutic”.


The region, the climatic conditions, the gathering procedure as well as the oil extraction are the most important characteristics for superior quality extra virgin olive oil. Two of the most well known regions for the highest quality olive oil in the world, are Peloponnese and Crete. The hot, dry summers and mild winters have allowed olive trees to thrive since ancient times in Lakonia (Peloponnese) and the composition of the soil along with the climatic conditions in Crete, give to these two regions exceptional quality.

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