Greek food: from feta to thyme, discover the cuisine

Where better to enjoy good food than Greece, the country which invented the cookbook and gave us the words for the enjoyment of good food ‘gastronomy’ and ‘epicurean’?
Greek cooking is an ancient cuisine with a wealth of culinary traditions.

Food has always been seen as more than simple nourishment. As the focus of some of the most important moments and events in our lives, the Greeks create meals designed to provide an occasion where lasting memories are made and fabulous experiences abound.

A Greek meal will stimulate all five senses: not only taste and smell – it’s something that excites hearing, touch and sight.

The unique elements of Greek cuisine reflect the special character of the country itself. A key ingredient of any meal is virgin olive oil – the fruits of the olive groves that dominate the Greek landscape.

As lambs and goats in Greece are free-grazing and pastures are very rich in herbs, meats have a distinctive flavour not to be found anywhere else in the world.

In the Aegean and Ionian Seas, the waters are crystal clear and abound with fish.

There will be feta cheese, the unique product of the Greek countryside. Meals will be accompanied by distinctive farmhouse bread. The sweetness will come from mellifluous thyme honey, nuts, thick yoghurt and rich filo pastry.

Before the meal you will want to enjoy the perfect appetiser: a glass of ouzo, the aniseed-flavoured spirit that turns milky white with water or ice.

And no Greek meal will be complete without the best local wine: it was the Greeks, after all, who claim to have invented wine, on the island of Icaria.

But for the perfect Greek meal, of course, you need Greece. Imagine an island taverna in the velvety warm of the evening, the sound of bouzoukis playing, the rich scent of meats cooking from the barbecue and, nestling in your hands, a chilled glass of retsina, the wine of the gods.

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