With increasing purchasing power, demand for oilseeds and vegetable oils is also growing rapidly. Annual growth rates are now between 3 and 5 per cent. International trade with oilseeds currently totals roughly 100 million tonnes, with soya beans accounting for more than 80 per cent of that figure. Concentration on origins and destinations of oilseeds is similarly large. The three most important exporting countries (the US, Brazil and Argentina) contribute close to 80 per cent of worldwide exports of oilseeds and close to 90 per cent of soya beans. Although more than 100 countries import oilseeds, a clear concentration can be observed here as well. China imports more than 50 per cent of all oilseeds traded worldwide and more than 60 per cent of all traded soya beans. The EU imports a further 15 per cent of all oilseeds as well as of all soya beans.

Olympus Trade is involved in the trade in soya beans, rapeseed, sunflower seeds and linseed.

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