Rising worldwide demand for animal products such as meat and milk has caused demand for feedstuffs to rise in parallel. The most important product group is oil meal, a by-product derived from processing oilseeds into vegetable oils. Some 80 million tonnes of oil meal are now traded worldwide each year, with soya bean meal accounting for 70 per cent. The US, Argentina and Brazil constitute 70 per cent of export supply. 35 per cent of imports go to the EU, and the remainder to many different countries.

Olympus Trade offers the entire range of feedstuffs: soya bean meal, sunflower seed meal, rapeseed meal, cottonseed meal, peanut meal, linseed meal, copra meal, palm-kernel meal, tapioca, citrus pellets, sugar beet pulp, molasses, glycerine, corn gluten feed, dried distiller grains (DDG), corn germ meal, feed beans, feed peas and lupines.

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