Olympus Trade is focused in wholesale, providing the following quality services to customers and suppliers:

Services to Clients

PRIVATE LABEL: Olympus Trade is in place to dispatch its products under the brand name of its client.

B2B: Our company in its efforts to create strong business relationships with the clients sets business to business policies. Under a client requirement is in place to:

  • Supply the products with or without further processing.
  • Offer a great range of choices regarding the packaging.

Services to Suppliers

MARKET RESEARCH: Olympus Trade is held responsible to investigate the possibilities of promoting their products internationally.

TRADE: Olympus Trade represents the products of their suppliers taking advantage of its existing channels of distribution.

SUPPORT: Olympus Trade provides technical assistance to the organisations and the know-how for the modernisation of their production processes resulting to improved quality and reduced costs in production, storage and distribution.

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