About Olympus Trade

Greece..the land of myths and sun, dreams and imagination, philosophy and politics and also good quality and amazing taste Food and Drinks.

We have created Olympus Trade for those that love quality Greek products! We supply excellent quality traditional Greek products, chosen carefully from all over Greece, typical of the Greek Mediterranean diet.

While selecting our products we always set the highest standards, thus ensuring that every single product is indeed a “Premium” choice, one of Greece’s gourmet treasures.

Olympus Trade brings product passion, expertise and a fanatical attention to service detail to an unrivalled customer base which includes restaurants, hotel kitchens, high end food manufacturers, caterers and independent food retailers both in the UK and abroad.

Today, the coherence of our product range continues to lie in its Mediterranean provenance and a commitment to the high standards of authentic, local, small-scale production and sourcing.

Olympus Trade is a dynamically developing food, beverage and commodity-brokerage company that operates in the international market. We provide the whole range of brokerage and related services in order to establish the most beneficial relationship between sellers and buyers.

Olympus Trade has an extensive database of reliable buyers and sellers and timely provides them with relevant information in daily trading and purchasing activity, which allows them to act promptly in any situation, while achieving high efficiency.

The   main  principles of our work are trust, honesty and transparency in our relations with customers and partners.

Primarily our company operates in the European Union, the Middle East, India, China, Russia and Ukraine

We  are  always  open  to  new  business  contacts  and  are interested in a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation

If you need a wholesale company that will perfectly cover your business needs, Olympus Trade is the right choice for you. Working with Olympus Trade is very simple and intuitive, our everyday task is to satisfy our customers.

Olympus Trade: Committed to the absolute best!

  • we are committed to bring you the best products at the best prices
  • all our products are of premium quality, the highest possible in Greece and abroad
  • we choose our product portfolio from committed to the best, small scale producers
  • we constantly research the market for new delicacies
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