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Asset Investment

Olympus Estate advises private and institutional clients seeking to acquire, lease or develop commercial, retail and residential projects in key locations across Europe. The foundation for our business is a partnership that nurtures entrepreneurial expertise and dedicated customer service, whilst leveraging industry insight and coverage across Europe. This commitment to expanding horizons whilst retaining a high standard of client affinity is reflected in every aspect of our business. By taking the time to ensure we understand and appreciate our clients’ needs and objectives, we continue to deliver comprehensive real estate advice and investment opportunities, both in Europe and beyond.

Food Service

We pride ourselves in being distributors and agents of premium international consumer food and beverages. We are devoted to adding value by enhancing demand, ensuring availability of goods, guaranteeing quality, managing efficient logistics and delivering high-end customer services and products through our varied network of sales channels across Europe. All our suppliers must adhere to strict global official benchmarks as well as internal standards, product specification and farm biosecurity policies. In addition, they must also conform to social responsibility policies. As well as tasting delicious, all our foods are rich in vital nutrients, and can easily fit into a healthy, balanced diet.

Kataifi (Kunafa) Indstrial Line

We take pride in designing and building novel ideas to solve the most laborious and time consuming tasks in the industry of the oriental sweets, especially with Kataifi (Kunafa) food processing production. Throughout the last decade, we has strived to develop solutions that best serve our clients, being it ready or custom made, and pursue a regimented aftersales and maintenance follow-up to assure the well satisfaction of our clients. Our Products conquered the Middle Eastern, The European, and the American markets as well. We believe our longevity within the industry is due to our approach. Our long experience, as well as our daily study of the regional, European, and international regulations allows us to produce our high quality, safe and heavily build machinery.

HYBRID power generator

Our innovative HYBRID power generator unit is unique with no analogue worldwide. Introducing Prometheus – Unlimited energy for your home and business. Revolutionary Hybrid Energy System to Power your Home and Contribute to Global Transition of Energy Consumption by Going Off Grid and Saving Money. Our unit can be easily installed by an electrician anywhere – single home, apartment, holiday home, yacht. It is suitably designed for any environment and climate. Prometheus Business, the 3-phase industrial model has a capacity of 15KW per phase. Unlimited Energy Everywhere – Designed for Remote & Inaccessible areas. 365 Days per Year – Electricity available in Shortages/Outages. Plug & Forget – Delivered in a portable case.

Currently Seeking

Investment Projects.

Our revolutionary kataifi machine line, Kataifi Master™ is used for making and baking kataifi. Our machines are targeted to customers with industrial level production or require automation, efficiency and a future proof investment. We are seeking investors for partnership or exclusive manufacturing and/or distribution globally. We provide the exclusive know-how of manufacturing and services (software, hardware, industrial designs, training manuals, trade secrets etc), support, key technicians / key management personnel and exclusivity to all countries.

Kataifi Machine
Industrial Expansion | Partnership

Our Kunafa Add on module for our Kataifi Mahine, reshapes, stacks and cuts thick layers of Kunafa. Ideal for various pastry creations such as tarts, pies, snacks, even pizza. The possibilities are endless! The list of products and the whole process is documented from A to Z.

Kataifi Carpet
Food Production | Product Franchise

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