Innovation Harvesters and Doers

We are thrilled to share our new multi-usage add on with you all! A thick layered Kunafa carpet module. Endless Possibilities.

Kataifi Carpet Franchise - An Amazingly Unique New line of gourmet seafood products 1

Own a piece of the land of the Greek Gods

Invest in Greece 2

Originally from Saudi Arabia, Khalas means “quintessence, or the ideal.” Khalas dates are oblong in shape and are eaten at the Tamr stage (ripe, sun dried). Fully mature Khalas date trees can yield up to 150-200 kilos of fresh (Khalal) dates per year.

Saudi Arabia Dates 3
Our 100% Real Fruit Juices & Smoothies

Our juices and smoothies are liquid gold for boosts of energy, nutrients, and restoration. The benefits are so profound, in fact, that you might just get addicted to them.

Organic Juices And Smoothies 4

Fully Automatic Kataifi Machine (The only Kataifi Machine Line in the world).

Kataifi (Kunafa) Machine 5

Glamping is a new luxury, outdoor living, travel trend. Stone based wooden structure luxury tents, glass cubes, tree houses and container houses to accommodate up to four visitors per unit. We plan to create 100 different styled living spaces, a number that can be upscaled, to accommodate more clients, as demand will grow.

Zeus Eco Resort 6

Cleopatra- A Bioactive water with unapparelled qualities. It's equivalent to a live vaccine which normalizes the immune system.

Water of Kings 7

Under development for many years, It is a collective knowledge, revolutionary machine, producing electricity 24/h per day, 365 days per year.

Prometheus 8
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